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BR2W, a 100% national company, was born to combine the most modern technology in the development of cargo monitoring solutions, with a service that provides a high quality experience, totally focused on our customers needs.


We have a trained and certified team of engineers, focused on developing robust solutions for cargo monitoring in different industries. We provide engineering services applied to rotating machine alignments and balancing as well as stress and vibration analysis.

We have the lightest products on the market, always aiming at the occupational health and safety of operators. By adding wireless communication with Wifi technology, we guarantee a reliable data transmission allowing greater security and flexibility when carrying out tests or monitoring loads.


To be a national reference and leverage the global market until 2023 in the creation and development of products and engineering services for load monitoring, structural integrity and calibration of load cells and pressure gauges.


Provide innovative products and services for load monitoring engineering, structural integrity and calibration of load cells and pressure gauges in Brazil and abroad, with quality, reliability, adequate costs and socio-environmental responsibility.


• Passion for innovation
• Loyalty
• Valuing the human being
• Continuous improvement
• Sustainability
• Business Ethics

NBR ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

Quality Management System


BR2W, a genuinely Brazilian company that operates in the national and international market. It is formed by a team that is passionate about creating innovative, robust and high-performance solutions.

BR2W assumes as an Integrated Management Policy to perform services of design, development, manufacture, calibration and installation of load cells and engineering solutions for monitoring and assessing the integrity of static and dynamic structures, machines and equipment, which satisfy its customers, adopting good quality, safety, health and environment practices, striving for integrity, impartiality and reliability.

For this Integrated Management Policy to be effective, the Board and all BR2W employees are committed to:

• Provide products and services in a documented and systematized manner with a level of quality that meet the contractual, legal, standardized, statutory and other requirements subscribed by it, to obtain the full satisfaction of its customers.
• Comply with the relevant requirements of NBR ISO 9001: 2015, NBR ISO / IEC 17025: 2017, NBR ISO 14001: 2015 and NBR ISO 45001: 2018.
• Train and raise awareness among employees so that they act with good professional practices, in an integral, impartial and independent manner.
• Promote a satisfactory organizational climate, to provide united and cooperative work.
• Ensuring safe and healthy work, managing the dangers arising from its activities, preventing the occurrence of occupational incidents, accidents and diseases.
• Prevent pollution, use natural resources in a rational manner and manage the resulting solid waste, considering appropriate product life cycle actions applied in its activities, products and services.
• Maintain an adequate relationship with the interested parties, considering their
relevant needs and expectations.
• Ensure the necessary resources to operationalize and continuously improve the level of quality and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System processes.

Pedro Luiz de Souza Pinto Filho
Rev. 3 19-07-2021
BR2W Integrated Management Policy


BR2W is a startup resulting from the new economy, which acts strongly in the innovation of engineering solutions for load monitoring. The path for BR2W to become a world-class organization is based on the commitment to the full quality of its products and services and the level of customer satisfaction, being recognized as a company and professionals that guide its conduct by ethics, integrity, respect safety and health, the environment and the community.

The BR2W Code of Conduct presents the principles that associated with its Values govern the activities of BR2W and its professionals inside and outside the company:

  • With the other professionals of the Company.
  • With suppliers, customers, banks, other partners and competitors.
  • Legal bodies, certifiers and accreditors.
  • With the Government, at all levels.
  • With the community and society.

We are convinced that the understanding and application of this Code of Conduct will contribute to ensuring a healthy, dignified and fulfilling work environment for all, and for BR2W to best fulfill its role in society.

1.0 – BR2W’s Conduct Towards Its Employees

Commitment to Equality: BR2W is committed to equal job opportunities for all, regardless of race, sex, religion, beliefs or nationality and to promote the development of its professionals, ensuring that work in companies is a space for creation , cooperative and director.

Discriminatory Practices: Discriminatory practices against any professional or job seeker are not tolerated.

Moral Harassment: These are unacceptable practices in a respectful and dignified work environment and moral or sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

Intimidatory, Offensive or Aggressive Acts: Acts of intimidation, offense or aggression by company employees, on the organization’s premises or in the exercise of a function of any nature.

Safety, Health and Environment Conditions: Safety, health and environment conditions at work should ensure that professionals have the lowest possible risk in the performance of their positions. For this to happen, everyone must comply with the general safety, health and environment guidelines, participating in the training and planned activities.

BR2W Employee Personal Conduct

Principles of Good Technique: BR2W professionals must carry out their work activities according to the principles of good technique, obeying the norms and standards in force.

Alcohol and Drug Policy: The possession of alcohol and drugs or weapons is not permitted in any way in the workplace, being considered a serious infraction.

Conflict of Interest: Activities and personal relationships that conflict with the interests of BR2W should be avoided.

Gifts, Giveaways and Events Policy: Acceptance of gifts should be limited to free gifts of great value, identified with the brand of the presenter and not seen as a way to influence any decision you make regarding business with the company in which you are present. works. Gifts that do not meet this definition should be refused. Invitations to events, trips and others must be communicated and evaluated by the Management.

Disciplinary Measures: Inappropriate conduct will be assessed and punished in accordance with current legislation.

Market Conduct – Customers and Other Stakeholders

Customer Service: In addition to ensuring the quality of its service products, BR2W is committed to serving customers with efficiency, politeness and transparency. When the customer cannot be served, this must be said clearly and respectfully.

Quality and Compliance: BR2W will only offer products or services that are in compliance with the relevant legislation and standards. In the event of any non-conformity, it must be dealt with properly.

Confidentiality: BR2W, like its employees, is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information received from customers and business partners.

Consumer Rights: BR2W understands that fair competition and respect for consumer rights are factors that must be respected.

Purchases and Contracts: The relationship with suppliers and other partners must always be guided by quality, adequate cost-benefit ratio, technical and financial reliability, integrity in conducting negotiations, with regard to legislation, the environment and commercial rights, social and contractual terms.

Competition: BR2W respects its competitors and seeks to overcome them in a healthy way, offering better products and services. Attitudes that may constitute slander or defamation by competitors are not allowed by company professionals.

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Piracy Practices: BR2W does not practice or condone any act of corruption or piracy.

Conduct in relation to Communication Vehicles: BR2W seeks, through its Management, to provide information or respond to requests from the press, when relevant.

Conduct Regarding Your Assets and those of Your Clients: Each BR2W employee has responsibility for the use and custody of the assets and assets that are part of his work, directly or indirectly, which also applies to the assets of clients, suppliers and partners used in the company’s activity. These goods and assets, equipment, facilities, business plans, technical and market information, computer programs, models, papers and work documents, must not be used for personal benefit.

Patents and Inventions: The innovations developed by BR2W professionals through their work, the patents and property rights resulting from these inventions are incorporated into the organization’s assets and remain with it.

Internal and External Communication: The use of equipment and means of communication for personal contacts should be restricted to what is necessary. The internet cannot be used to transmit or receive offensive, aggressive, pornographic information about political, religious or other positions.

Information about the Company and Its Businesses: Information must be disclosed internally and externally only by those who are authorized to do so and in a precise, objective and appropriate manner. Each professional is responsible for preserving the information at his disposal.

Accounting and Other Records: They must be prepared and followed in a true manner, obeying what the legislation, tax rules and company rules determine.

Privileged information: The use of privileged information for personal or third parties’ benefit is a crime, subject to labor and criminal sanctions.

Company documents and records: The documents, records and correspondence used in the activity of professionals are the property of BR2W and cannot be used for personal purposes.

Impartiality and Independence: BR2W’s activities are guided by impartiality and independence, being an inalienable commitment of the Management and all its employees, signed through the Term of Commitment to Impartiality and Confidentiality.

Pedro Luiz de Souza Pinto Filho
Code of Conduct