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Pressure Sensor0 to 3000 bar

BR2W developed an exclusive pressure monitoring solution. The solution aims to solve industrial problems in pressure monitoring, with versatility and robustness.

The pressure transducer uses the BR2W Electronic Wi-Fi System card. With the use of the card, the equipment generates a Wi-Fi signal, which allows the connection of the pressure reading to any electronic device that supports the Wi-Fi connection. In addition, the versatility of the BR2W card solution allows the generated Wi-Fi signal is integrated into any local network.

The equipment has a robust design. It was made to work to a high standard, even in adverse conditions, such as extreme temperature and hostile climatic conditions. In addition, the transducer is designed to withstand impact and warn the level of vibration.


  • Wi-Fi Communication 2.4ghz IEEE 802.11 18bits Resolution

  • Battery consumption management

  • High Resolution Load Measurements

  • Fast Calibration Method

  • Web Based Platform

  • Full Bridge Balancing Measurement

  • Wide Range Applications

  • Comunicacion HART

  • TCP/IP Wi-Fi protocol




Technical Specifications BR2W Pressure Sensor