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Instrumented Shackles BR2W AP5 to 700 tons

A reliable and robust product to meet different load levels across the industry. The most robust and reliable instrumented shackles available on the market (5-700 tons), sealed and water resistant.

At BR2W we have a strict quality process for all products developed. Before our products reach our Customers, they are systematically tested to ensure perfect functionality by simulating different applications.

Developed with Wifi wireless communication technology, the load value readings are presented on any device with Wifi technology giving the operator great flexibility when testing or monitoring loads.


  • Data recording and report generation system with graph

  • Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Fabrication

  • Sealed and Water Resistant Product

  • Integrated Lithium Battery with Wireless charger

  • Tablet display with protective case

  • Wi-Fi Wireless Communication

  • High Resolution Load Measurement

  • Anti-impact case for transportation (Optional)

  • Worldwide Product standards compliance

Célula de Carga Manilha


Instrumented Shackles BR2W AP
Strain Gage Load Cells
Nominal Capacities (FS)
Available from 5 to 700 Tons
Accuracy (% FS)
0.5% above 10% FS
Safe Static Overload (% FS)
Safe Dynamic Overload (%FS)
Maximum Overload (% FS)
Battery Life (h)
Operating Temperature (°C)
(-10° C) up to 60° C
Protection EN 60529
IP67 – Sealed and Water Resistant
Type of Communication
Wireless with Wifi technology
Note: Full Scale (FS) refers to the nominal value of the load cell specified in the product model on the back.